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                      Colonsoluble vacant gelatin capsule

                      ★ Targeted-direction feeding medicine enhances medical curative effect.
                      ★ Provide the best solution for fixed-quantity and targeted-direction feeding medicine of colon part.
                      ★ Provide new approaches for the manufacturer which produces drugs for the site of colon. It is easier to control disintegrating and releasing of drugs and the quality tends to be steadier.
                      ★ Reduce the cost effectively:
                      Reduce production links and technological difficulty of medicine of colon part disintegrating and releasing, and supply reliable, economical and quick way for pharmaceutical enterprise which wants to manufacture these products in large scale.
                      ★ Reduce the burden of medicine to human body:
                      The effect of medicine has been enhanced as a result of the function of targeted-direction feeing medicine, thus reducing dosage and burden of human body which is caused by taking medicine.

                      Colonsoluble vacant gelatin capsule, made of medical gelatin and coating material through scientific prescription and carefully compounding, which stays in gastric juice for 3 hours in intestines without cracking and disintegrating. It stays in colon part disintegrating and releasing within 30 minutes, whose outward appearance and quality are equal to hollow capsule. It is usually used in stimulation to stomach, duodenum and small intestines or the instability to acid, and targeted-direction feeding medicine treatment of dissolution of colon part, fully enhancing medical curative effect, lowering dosage and reducing the negative action of medicine against human body.

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